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Improv Speed Builders, all five volumes

Improv Speed Builders, all five volumes

At last, a logical and methodical approach for developing high-tempo improv chops! Introducing Improv Speed Builders by Rich Willey, guaranteed to take you to the next level and beyond without all the frustration and guesswork you’ve probably already experienced.
Each volume of Improv Speed Builders includes a book of chord symbols for C treble clef, C bass clef,
B♭ instruments and E♭ instruments (and a provision for French Horn players, too) and over 17 hours of play-along tracks designed to take you from a snail’s pace all the way up to burning!
In the first three volumes, each key of the chord changes used has five accompaniment tracks,
the first starting at ♩=80 and creeping up one beat-per-minute (bpm) for sixty choruses (ending up at 140 bpm). The second track starts at ♩=120, the third track at ♩=160, the fourth track at ♩=200, and the fifth track at ♩=240. In the fourth volume (“Giant Steps”), each key of the chord changes used has five accompaniment tracks of forty-five choruses using the same tempo starting points but creeping up at 1.33 bpm. The tempo overlap between the tracks helps you ease into the higher velocities more gracefully. In the fifth volume, the series of twelve important cycles come with five play-along tracks per cycle with tempo increases every twelve bars as described above for the first three volumes. Volume 5 also has 972 bars of written melodic solutions (through-composed in every key) for helping less advanced players learn how to navigate their way through every cycle presented.
The suggested strategy for getting through all these choruses is this: by playing a chorus and resting a chorus (or trading with a practice partner or scatting every other chorus) your chops will be able to rest as much as you play so you can go on much longer than you might think you can. Also, it’s the perfect vehicle for spending equal time on all your instruments, i.e. a chorus on trumpet, rest a chorus while picking up your flugelhorn and then play a chorus, rest a chorus while grabbing your cornet for the following chorus, etc. Or it can be a great way to spend equal amounts of time rotating through your various mutes that you might not remember to practice between gigs. The possibilities are endless with this series!
The tempo increase is not an accelerando; each imperceptible tempo change happens precisely at the beginning of the next chorus so you are always holding a steady tempo. The tempo increases incrementally chorus by chorus so you really don’t even notice, but the next thing you know you’re negotiating changes at a much faster tempo than you ever thought you could!
Made using ProTools with real instrument sounds for your play-along tracks, this volume also includes a full set of MIDI files in case you want to practice for a long stretch at one tempo using your preferred sequencing program or Band-In-A-Box to set the tempo where you want it.
This volume is digitally downloadable directly to your computer.
Digital downloads are nonrefundable, nonreturnable and nonexchangeable. Allow up to 24 hours after ordering to receive your download link.

“Rich, this is very overdue and much needed material for me to stop taking solos in my big band only when the tempo, the chord changes and the star alignment are favorable! I am awestruck by the amount of knowledge combined with genuine artistry that you put into creating these materials. These volumes should be compulsory for any wannabe trumpeter out there daring to improvise in public (oh, oh, I have a gig tonight, better get busy right now)!” — Pierre Cerasi, trumpeter, Norway

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